Nov 11

Community Development Projects

With respect to the local Chiefs, Headmen and village heads, as well as the provincial and local hierarchy, the Provincial Administrator, the district administrator and law enforcement.

It is acknowledged that the success of Umfurudzi Park is reliant on the success of the development of the community.
It is the goal of Umfurudzi Park to encourage participation in the development of the Park by local communities, so that they can benefit from resources in the Park.
The project is currently benefitting the community through employment, due to the developments in the Park.
Local skills and tradesmen and woman are being contracted in construction, metal work and animal husbandry.
Supplimentry feeding for animals, as well as locally produced products will be sold in the Park shop.
Since January 2011, the gross domestic product has increased by approximately USD15000.00 per month. Considering the area and surrounding communities are relatively under developed, this has had a massive impact to local GDP.
Within 12 months a full community development strategy plan will be in place. Umfurudzi Park has entered into an agreement with Environment Africa to develop the community strategy and implimentation of this strategy.

Areas where the community will benefit
Education and Research
Hunting – Meat, Skins.
Real Estate – There will be a future opportunity to develop real estate around the Park, to build weekend accommodation, camp sites, lodges.
Local Produce – Local Art and Craft, Curios, Agricultural produce.
Park Employment and consultancy– Guides, Local Knowledge, Archeology, Cultural.

Current Developments
The development of Umfurudzi Park is reliant on a healthy wild life population, integrity of the park boundaries and strict security and the rule of law within the Park.
There are a number of projects that are designed to ensure that the above is achieved.
1.    Construction of fence covering 1000 hectares
2.    Construction of Boma Facility for aclimatisation and treatment of wild life
3.    Introduction of previousely extinct or non sustainable populations of wild life species for intensive breeding purposes. – Eland, Zebra, Impala, Sable, Girraffe, Tsesebi, Heartybeast, Wliderbeast and buffalo.
4.    Construction of recreation facilities – Camp Sites, Shop, Lodges.
5.    Fire management and protection
6.    Road access and construction
7.    Training of staff and education
8.    Communications – VHF radio and Internet
9.    Community consultation and education
10.    Existing infrastructure upgrade – Parks office, Staff housing, Lodges
11.    Electrification
12.    Water reticulation


Contact Us
For more information about the park please contact us on 263777 005 763/+263782 777 633 OR +263774 826 134 , National Parks Central Reservations: +263-242707624/8 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Proceed down Enterprise Road. After Toll Gate, turn to left towards shamva. From toll gate proceed 100km (Tar Rd), through shamva town to Madziva Mine and Teachers Training College. At Madziwa mine turn right. Proceed approx 100m through shopping centre, Turn to left after flee market Proceed 150m, reach tar road, turn left Proceed 12km(Tar Rd) to Umfurudzi Park Gate Park Office 8km from Gate (Dust Rd) .Access by light motor vehicle sedan


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